Sunday, February 11, 2018

Yeah, Science!

Important Dates
February 14th- Valentines card exchange. Early dismissal, 12:15.  NO After School Programs
February 26th-March 6th- Winter Break

This week we started our science unit about sound.  The children have been exploring and building knowledge of sound and how it is produced.  We observed a bee buzzing in a flower, we noticed sounds in the classroom and in the hallway, listened to different materials to see how we could make them vibrate and tested different materials to make the best kazoo!   

We continue to explore  nonfiction materials.   The children are having a blast and learning so much.

Our measuring unit will be coming to an end next week.  The children have been working hard perfecting their measuring techniques; making sure to go end to end, no gaps, and in a straight line.  We also worked on comparing lengths of objects, noticing what is longer and what is shorter.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Happy New Year

January 10th- Early dismissal, 12:15
January 15th- NO SCHOOL

It was nice to see all the smiling faces returning to school after a long and cold winter break. I'm excited for all the new learning and fun we will have in 2018!

Although it was a short week back we still fit in a ton of learning  that the children were very excited about!

We finished up a unit on "Small Moments" during our reading and writing workshop.  Make sure to look for a yellow folder that will be coming home, which is filled with your children's small moment writng pieces.  
We've begun to focus on features of Non-Fiction books during our readers workshop.  To get this unit started we compared fiction and non-fiction books and sorted them into two piles.  We then added some non-fiction books to our book bags so we can use them as we develop new reading habits. The children were super excited!  We'll use what learn and apply it to non-fiction writing.

Before vacation, in math workshop, we had our end of unit test, or as I call it our "Celebration of learning" This went great!  We did lots of fact power this week, which the students love! 

Also this week we started a new unit: measurement.  Throughout this unit, students will be using nonstandard units of measure to compare lengths of various objects.

*We filled our class heart bucket and dumped the hearts into the heart monitor on Thursday, January 4th.  We planned on having Pajama day and hot chocolate, Friday, January 5th as our celebration.  Due to the snow day this didn't happen and will be rescheduled for this Tuesday, January 9th.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Whole School Celebration!

It's been a fun and exciting couple of weeks in first grade!

Last week we sent home invitations to come to our morning meeting on October 23.  We do morning meeting from 8:20-8:50.  Hope to see you there!

On Friday we filled our heart bucket and dumped them into the heart monitor on Tuesday and then it was full.  We celebrated our class success by eating popcorn and watching "Wild Kratts."  We had a blast!

On Wednesday we had an All School Celebration.  Each grade level made a banner.  First graders were responsible for H and made hearts that show ways we are HONEST.  As a whole school we had a parade from JFK down to the lobby doors.  Our parade led into the cafeteria where we saw a science/magic show

We continue to work on story problems.  We have been using a number line to add and subtract.  The number line is another way the children can represent their thinking.  We learned a game, "Froggy on the number line" to reinforce this concept.
We've read a lot of great books the last couple of weeks.
The Recess Queen, by Alexis O'neill
Alphabet Adventure, by Audrey Wood
Alphabet Mystery, by Audrey Wood
Swimmy, by Leo Lionni
Rainbow Fish, by Marcus Pfister

We have been working on character change.  The children are doing a really good job with this.  We are also working on stamina; how long can we read for?    The children read for 12 minutes with their 'just right book!"

We had a special visit from Nurse Liz to talk about germs!  We practiced coughing into our elbows to "catch our germs."  We also got to use special germ lotion and see all the germs under a special black light.  

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Another Class Celebration!

Important Dates:
Wednesday, October 11th- Walk to School Day
Wednesday, October 18th- Early Release
Thursday and Friday, October 19th and 20th- No School

We have had a fantastic couple of weeks in first grade.  We filled our heart bucket again!  Our celebration was extra recess on the "BIG" playground and crazy hair.  The children children had a blast.  We are working hard to do what is expected and fill our hear bucket again.

We read The Big Orange Splot.  In this book, Mr. Plumbean lives on a street with houses that are the same.  One day a orange splot appeared on his roof.  His neighbors expect him to change his house back to look like the others.  Mr. Plumbean has different plans.

We loved this book!  The children created their own house.  They painted their own hopes and dreams
on their house.

We just finished the book, One, by Kathryn Otoshi.  This book is about bullying, acceptance, and sticking up for others.  The class acted out the book 8 times and created a picture showing "everyone belongs."  We loved this book!

We've been practicing good reading habits during Readers Workshop and taking time to Read to Myself, Read to Someone, and Meet with a Teacher. . We've been making new goals each day for how long we can make it--increasing our stamina each day. By the end of the week students could read silently/whisper read to themselves for 10 minutes!

We have been working on story problems.  The children have to determine if the story problem is and addition or subtraction.  The mathematicians then write a representation, equation, and an answer with a label.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

First Days of School!

Classroom News:

*The Scholastic Book Fair will be here Next week, September 18-22nd.
*Picture Day~ September 18th😁

We have had a great first couple of weeks in first grade.  The children have been working hard on learning our routines, expectations, getting to know each other, and what it means to be a first grader. We have begun working together to establish classroom rules linked to their hopes and dreams.   I am looking forward to next week!

We have been working on our learning goals for the year, "hopes and dreams." Each child will choose an academic and social hope and dream that they will work in for the entire year.  We have been reading some literature to help the children grasp the concept of goal goal setting.

Math Focus:
How do mathematicians organize collections in order to quickly count?
How do mathematicians write equations and represent their thinking?
This is a HUGE concept.  We have been counting collections, or large groups of objects.  The mathematicians need to figure out a way to organize the objects in order to count them accurately and efficiently.  We have figures out the we can group the objects by 5's and 10's to make it easier to count.

Monday, August 28, 2017

First Week of School

Its been a great few days in first grade!  I just love hanging out and getting to know the Charron Team!
We have been learning about each other and the expectations of first grade.  Our brains are on "fire."  Its going to be  a great year!  Enjoy your long weekend.

Things for you to remember:
*NO School: Friday, Sept.1 and Monday Sept.4th
*Please remember to send back any completed forms in your child's red traveling folder,  that were sent out on the first day of school.

Our daily schedule:
Monday: Art
Tuesday: P.E.
Wednesday: Guidance
Thursday: P.E.
Friday: Music
*Library will be ever other Tuesday starting September 12th

In math we have been working on counting and representing our thinking.  Make sure you ask your children about it.    

Literacy:  We sure did love reading Pete the Cat.  The children had fun putting "their" Pete together.  The children were very productive.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Friday, October 10, 2014

Classroom news:

No School, October 17, 2014

What a great time we have been having in first grade.  The children continue to work hard, pushing their thinking every day.  They are looking more and more like first graders every day.

We continue to work on the basics of our social thinking curriculum.  We continue to talk about what is expected/unexpected behaviors.  Last week we earned our goal of 60 green thoughts for the week!  We had an extra recess to celebrate.  We have been working on what is safe on the playground.  Keeping our hands and feet to ourselves and  keeping our bodies safe at all times.  If you could reinforce this with your child that would be great.

Last week we worked on acceptance using read alouds.  This week we worked on safe as our focus.  We read books about why it is so important to be safe.  Two books that we have read that deal with safety are:
Listen Buddy, by Helen Lester
Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen, by Howard Binkow

Math Focus:
How do mathematicians represent their thinking?
We have been working on two different types of story problems, Solving for the sum(4+3=_) Children need to write an equation, represent their thinking and label their problem.  A Combination problem(_+_=8, _+_=8).  We need to figure out which problem is which and solve.  The children continue to "listen to understand" when their partner or teammate explains their thinking and testing each others ideas.

We have started Math Facts!  The children absolutely love this time of math.  This is a 15minute time period where the children are practicing their math facts in a variety of ways.  First graders need to know and be fluent in addition and subtraction up to 10.  They practice this with math worksheets, quiz each other with flash cards, and play math games.  Make sure you ask them about this!

Have a Great Weekend!